Today, new economies provide exciting opportunities for businesses. However, they present serious challenges to promoters and investors. In order to succeed in this turbulent environment organizations need to change radically, and to do so effectively they need the power of capital and finance.
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Working Capital Finance

In the normal course of operations, a business must have the cash to pay expenses and liabilities that are due. This may include Trade payables, Payroll, Monthly Rent and Utility Expenses, and Other Operating Costs. Working capital is the money that is available to cover these expenses and is readily accessible.


Purpose: Investment current assets mainly stock & Book Debts


What are the available options in Working Capital Finance?

  • Cash Credit Limit 

  • Overdraft Limit

  • Letter of Credit:

  • Bill Discounting

  • Factoring

  • Bank Guarantee

  • Export Packing Credit

  • Buyers Credit

  • Working Capital Demand Loan

  • Working Capital Term Loan

Eligibility: Proprietary Firm, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership, Company, Trust 


Project/ Expansion Finance

Purpose: Investment in Fixed Assets for business purpose

  • Instruments to finance Working Capital

  • Term Loan

  • Letter of Credit

  • External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)

  • Buyers Credit

  • Deferred payment Guaranteed

Eligibility: Proprietary Firm, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership, Company, Trust